Inspiration by water

About us


Under the brand name GilaxSpa are produced bathtubs and shower trays. Production is carried out with the most advanced technology, using raw materials of the best European manufacturers. Our bathtubs are anatomical and they are designed to fulfill the expectations of users.

The quality of raw materials and intermediate goods

The bathtubs of GilaxSpa are manufactured with vacuumforming technology, using the high quality sanitary acrylic sheets.
The external surface of the bathtubs is strengthened with the mixture of glass fibre and resin, reinforced with GRP where the bottom of the bathtub gets an 18 mm thick head board to improve its loadability.

Lovely for the eyes, pleasure for the body

The bathtubs have got a high glossy and smooth surface, and its touch effects a pleasurable warm feeling.

Health is the most important

This is possible by the unique hygienic treatment of the surface, which means that bacteria (microbicides) does not show growth on this surface and have no base for settling.

Simplicity of the maintenance and cleaning

The surface resists excellently against chemical materials allowing its cleaning very simple with traditional non scouring household cleaners, soft, damp cloths or sponges.
On the other hand the use of aggressive and scouring chemicals like acetone, keton, ester and similar solvents are forbidden!

Continuity in quality

The bathtubs are proved within the production cycle by sparks and they are handled to water tests in order to eliminate the unvisible and hidden material defects.
Our company constantly lets the quality of its bathtubs tested and proved by EU accredited institute and this way guarantees the continuity of the quality.

Warranty for bathtubs is 10 years.